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Running for Manon

«We have met Maya and Diego at Réunion in October 2015 during the Grand Raid race. In the course of our very short conversations, we grew fond of them. Diego is an exceptional athlete, with a heart that is able to accomplish extraordinary performances, he is also a man of heart, intelligent, courageous, generous and open to others.

Because of a weak heart, our daughter, Manon, has passed away on the 22nd of December, after numerus years of illness.

A couple of days later, we had met Maya and Diego in Lausanne. We had asked Diego if he would agree to dedicate some of his races to Manon. He immediately accepted and we sincerely thanked him for that.

May the breath of Manon accompany him and make him even stronger.

Thank you Maya and Diego»

Brigitte and Patrice, Parents of Manon