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"Seul la longueur et la dureté de l’aventure permettent de se retrouver avec soi-même, de réaliser un voyage intérieur au plus profond de son corps et de découvrir des ressources morales et physiques jusqu'alors insoupçonnées. Le corps humain est une machine tantôt surprenante tantôt merveilleuse avec une capacité d’adaptation hors du commun"

Comment tout a commencé

Lettre de Maya à Diego avant le départ de l’UTMB 2013. Dear Diego, Here we finally are… Chamonix , UTMB 2013! Two years ago, and more specifically in august 2011, we were having breakfast on a Sunday morning when you came across the UTMB race online and we started following it. Moments later you told me: I’m gona do the UTMB in 2013!! You had done a couple of races in the region but nothing that even remotely resembled a trail. From that day on, you started to run longer and longer distances. The 2012 season was your first trail season. You finished trails of 50km, 72 km and 112km, and you not only finished them but also managed to arrive on the podium!! You worked really hard to get to this level, to acquire the points needed to even be able to register to the draw of the UTMB! I want you to know that I’m so proud of you, the road till here was full of hard work, road trips and magical moments, we discovered a lot of beautiful parts of Switzerland and the surrounding countries. These moments were full of excitement, happiness and, of course, …goosebumps (Chair de poule)! Goosebumps for every time I saw you approaching a checkpoint, me screaming your name from the top of my lungs so that you know that we’re here waiting for you… Goosebumps (and tears!) for every time you passed a finish line. Thank you for these lovely moments, for moments so intense and crazy, that I’ll never forget!! I remember when at the finish line of your first trail, I scream all excited to your mom: Pili, Pili, I think it’s Diego that is coming and he’s SECOND!! And she calmly answers me: NO, NO, Maya, C’est PAS POSSIBLE!! (hehe). One of the most intense moment, is when on your longest trail (till now of course!!), Trail Verbier St.Bernard, you told me a top 50 would be amazing! And little by little during the race I saw you getting closer and closer to podium, even through moments when you felt really really bad, you had the mental strength to wait until it passes and continue. After 112 km and 15h05m55sec you arrive in THIRD!! WAW!! What a feeling!! I was so overwhelmed and happy!! I would like to thank your lovely support team, your parents of course and all of your friends, who are a big part of your life and who showed so much support and who are going to be following you step by step during this race! Thank you to Adan, Katia, Jo, Chris, Antoine, Patrick, David, Michel, Marc, Paolo and all of those who cannot be here but are following you online! We all believe in you and we are behind you all the way !!

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